Working Vehicles


Flat Nose Box Truck 4

Box trucks are the best. When You're feeling a little tired of putting Your minecrafting s...
 Block count: 140
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Small Flatbed Truck

Here is a totally flat truck or lorry (as You like) for You, doesn't it look rather fancy?...
 Block count: 70
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Trailer Mounted Industrial Generator 3

What an interesting model. Interesting indeed. I'm not sure what is the best possible use ...
 Block count: 108
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Old Tractor

Did You know I was seriously scared of tractors when I was smaller? They are just so big a...
 Block count: 19
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Flat Nose Box Truck 3

I think You've already understood that You don't need a reason to build another model. Thi...
 Block count: 162
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Construction Truck

Nooo waaay. This must be the longest truck ever. How funny is that! But I guess at the con...
 Block count: 66
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Billboard Truck

Whooo, finally! That's a truck that could help You get Your business a kick start. And luc...
 Block count: 78
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Animal Control Truck 4

I don't know what to think of animal controls, maybe I have seen too many animal cartoons,...
 Block count: 148
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White Transit Van

This van would look just perfect in Antarctic. When everything is white around You, this t...
 Block count: 85
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TV Crew Truck

Ever thought how all these live news reports were made? Like how did they get to the scene...
 Block count: 94
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Satellite Truck 2

TV crew needs one like that. Make it happen! Did You know that satellite trucks are used f...
 Block count: 104
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Salt Truck 2

What's better than one salt truck? That's right- two salt trucks! You might've found the f...
 Block count: 132
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Rear Loader Garbage Truck 5

Everyone recognizes this truck. Even a small baby I guess. That's a really valuable member...
 Block count: 164
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Armored Bank Truck

Let's imagine like there's a lot of money in this truck. Like loads of it. How would You m...
 Block count: 102
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Trailer Mounted Industrial Generator 2

So this generator here seems to be rather big and powerful but who knows, You really shoul...
 Block count: 52
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Trailer Mounted Light Tower and Generator

This is interesting, with this light tower generator here You can light up the whole area ...
 Block count: 57
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