Working Vehicles


European Black Dump Truck

Hah, this build here looks like a giant bee, doesn't it!? Don't let the colors fool You, i...
 Block count: 254
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Army Heavy Truck and Missile Launcher

Say whaaat, a rebel 2in1 build for true Minecraft enthusiasts is right in front of You. Wa...
 Block count: 1730
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Heavy Transport Truck

Man, that truck looks awesome! So massive, so powerful yet so cool and ready for any upcom...
 Block count: 436
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Road Roller v2

How cute is this Road roller here? It is far from a big scary roller that may weight up to...
 Block count: 91
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Construction Vehicle Mini Bulldozer

I am having a construction next to my house right now and I bet they are using a Bulldozer...
 Block count: 44
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Construction Vehicle Excavator

Here You go, an excavator for You all who know what to do with it and how to use it. To be...
 Block count: 471
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Road Roller v1

Aren't vehicles interesting? I mean first of all they all look so cool and different, seco...
 Block count: 106
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Construction Vehicle Mini Excavator

Am I weird if I like working? I mean imagine sitting in this Mini Excavator here every day...
 Block count: 56
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Construction Vehicle Bulldozer

I want to drive a Bulldozer so bad right now but keeping You, myself and others safe I'd r...
 Block count: 89
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Mobile Crane

Want to create the look of an actual construction scene? I guess of of the first things th...
 Block count: 1557
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Long Vehicle Truck

When I was smaller my dream was to ride with a long vehicle truck, to feel like a badass a...
 Block count: 376
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Delivery Truck

Oh, we all know that feeling when a delivery guy unexpectedly appears at Your door. Surpri...
 Block count: 206
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Caterpillar Road Roller

If You are going to build a road than You might need a caterpillar road roller, don't You?...
 Block count: 161
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Car Towing Truck

Something happened to Your car and You're stuck in the middle of the highway? Call the tow...
 Block count: 103
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Ice Cream Van

What a coincidence, I'm just eating ice cream and this car pops up, but I got to say that ...
 Block count: 141
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Garbage Truck 2

How to make Your city clean? Of course You'll need a garbage truck and a good one, am I ri...
 Block count: 206
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