Working Vehicles


Off Road Pickup Truck

Colors, colors everywhere ... feels like summer. Do You like cars? Especially off road pic...
 Block count: 105
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Gray Pickup Truck

What kind of stuff would You pick up with this truck? Food? Weapons? Trash? Lol, it doesn'...
 Block count: 69
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Delivery Van

Every time I see a delivery van I feel like I've missed out some great tastes, amazing foo...
 Block count: 71
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Heavy Duty Forklift

If You are doing heavy work then protect Yourself and just use this forklift here instead....
 Block count: 60
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Airport Support Vehicle

Ooops, forgot one luggage to the station? Quick call to the airport support vehicle and th...
 Block count: 119
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Small Red Work Truck

"Work, work, work..." We all know this song, lol. Actually it has a little or almost nothi...
 Block count: 64
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Big Hot Dog Truck

Getting a nice and juicy hot dog has never been easier. With this superb hot dog truck the...
 Block count: 369
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Small Blue Truck

Tired from challenging Yourself all the time or just looking for a nice and easy build to ...
 Block count: 147
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Build a bulldozer and imagine getting rid of all the dirt and gravel and everything You th...
 Block count: 60
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Medieval Travel Cart

I bet You like travelling, this is why You are looking at this travel cart here. Isn't it ...
 Block count: 157
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Wrecking Ball Crane

"I came in like a wreeeecking ball..." sorry but that's the first thing that pumps into my...
 Block count: 567
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Hot Dog Truck

I love hot Dogs, don't You? They are just so delicious and to be honest if I see a hot dog...
 Block count: 145
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Bulldozer 4

I bet You like building, but with building there are also heavy things that need transport...
 Block count: 182
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Steam Roller

When building a road, You better make sure it's going to last more than a year! That's why...
 Block count: 240
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Road Grader

"What the heck is that?"- this may be Your first thought when You see this model. Dude, it...
 Block count: 269
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Fire Truck 3

Where's smoke there's fire, right? Feel Yourself like a hero in Minecraft by building a le...
 Block count: 188
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