Working Vehicles


Dump Truck

Watch out, guys! This model ain't acting like any princess on the road but more like a rea...
 Block count: 625
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Taco Truck

Well, if You see one of these cars driving around then You'll know exactly what car it is,...
 Block count: 114
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Well, this model looks like the fanciest tractor ever, don't You think? It's super small, ...
 Block count: 81
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Ice Cream Truck 2

There're many blueprints variations of children's favourite truck in Minecraft but this on...
 Block count: 134
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Bus 1

Easy, breezy, beautiful... BUS! Hah, sorry, too random, but maaaan, it's a great model to ...
 Block count: 254
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Ambulance 1

"Somebody call 911, shawty fire bur... " yeah, You know that song! But if some day You ser...
 Block count: 105
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Semi Truck

I love trucks, I do not know why, I just do. And this semi truck here is pretty cool. The ...
 Block count: 306
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Army Vehicle

This is seriously the cutest military vehicle I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of th...
 Block count: 50
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American Taxi

Late for somewhere? Take a cab! If You want to enter the party in old school american way ...
 Block count: 71
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Police Car 1

Don't get in trouble now because police men are patrolling in town! Here's an easy and qui...
 Block count: 52
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Fire Truck 1

This here is a fire truck everybody and pretty awesome one. The red and white are looking...
 Block count: 142
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Tow Truck

That's just amazing how many different trucks and cars have been made to help us survive i...
 Block count: 82
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Tractor Trailer

Trailers in general are cool but this huge tractor trailer is waaay beyooond that- it's do...
 Block count: 266
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The truck that You're facing right now seems pretty ordinary. But is it really? For me it ...
 Block count: 75
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Railway Gun

Holy moly! Here's something for the real war game fans. If You're wondering, what's the bi...
 Block count: 3323
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Road Roller

Now this is a really cool road roller. I mean this car is no ordinary car, it is special a...
 Block count: 121
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