Sightseeing buildings


Parking Garage

Oooh, that's a huge parking garage! I wonder how many cars it could fit. I guess the answe...
 Block count: 16015
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NY Chrysler Building

What do You think of building a very realistic Chrysler building in Your Minecraft? Take ...
 Block count: 41592
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Modern Sport Arena

Here's something for sports' fanatics! A huuuge modern sports arena to enjoy entertainment...
 Block count: 14439
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Emirates Crown, Dubai

Guess how many floors does it have... Yeah, thanks to google we can find out that there're...
 Block count: 36030
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Modern Library

Is that weird if I go to library every day? I can't help it I just love reading, who doesn...
 Block count: 7049
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Modern City Building 4

"Big city life, here my heart have no base..." Yeah. That's right. If You're striving for ...
 Block count: 27838
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Modern City Building 3

If Your goal is to create a modern city like New York or LA then You've come to the right ...
 Block count: 24040
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Modern City Building 2

How about building this house? Doesn't it look cool, I really like the warm coffee colours...
 Block count: 15876
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Modern City Building 1

I love white, it is just so pure and beautiful color, plus it goes well with any other col...
 Block count: 25332
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Modern Apartment Building 1

Here's a big, modern and also super stylish apartment building for You to try out. You can...
 Block count: 17842
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Great Sphinx of Giza

What is the Great Sphinx of Giza? It's a world famous statue that stands on the Giza Plate...
 Block count: 2044
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Eiffel Tower, Paris

Paris is always a good idea. Always. Doesn't matter if You want to actually go to Paris or...
 Block count: 10458
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Bishop's University, CA

This University here is ridiculously gorgeous. Just look at it, it feels like some kind of...
 Block count: 21302
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Huge Apartment Building 2

Look at this amazing apartment building! It is huge and white - a classical buidling in a ...
 Block count: 28345
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Huge Office Building 1

That's this kind of an office building that would look great in downtown, maybe not so muc...
 Block count: 12699
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Huge Modern Apartment Building

If You love black and only black then welcome to the club, buddy! This black and super mod...
 Block count: 19379
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