Well Design 3

I feel like wells were the real heart of a Medieval town. Because water is the source of l...
 Block count: 387
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Well Design 2

We have reached to the time where even wells have to be beautiful and unique. Well it sure...
 Block count: 534
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Spruce Tree S

What would we do with a Spruce tree? Make it colorful and pretty in the winter, build a wh...
 Block count: 353
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Spruce Tree L

Imagine walking outside and just being in that moment, enjoing life. What is or would be t...
 Block count: 1245
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Small Simple Bridge 2

Okay that is a simple bridge but at the same time it looks so modern, right? I mean the co...
 Block count: 215
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Small Simple Bridge 1

Bridges are so important. I don't even want to think of life before bridges ... I have see...
 Block count: 223
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Seaweed 3

Seaweed number three ... it should be number 1 because it looks like a crooked one, got it...
 Block count: 69
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Giant Flower 4

A giant flower is a fantastic plant if You want to feel as small as a snail. Or maybe You ...
 Block count: 86
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Giant Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed is such a funny and unique ... plant structure thing, because it consists of dr...
 Block count: 475
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Giant Flower 9

Now this is what I call a flower. It is huge and so beautiful. I wonder if it smells bette...
 Block count: 412
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Clash of Clans Gold Mine 10

Oh, gold mines are getting better and better. This looks like a beautiful house or somethi...
 Block count: 708
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Palm Tree L

A large Palm tree that has two branches! Ugh, it reminds me of summer, a hot summer days w...
 Block count: 82
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Palm Tree S

A small palm tree, how adorable is that, huh? Is there ... Yess, I think there are even so...
 Block count: 36
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Swamp Tree S

Swamps ... to be honest these places are a little bit scary because what if You fall in th...
 Block count: 203
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Swamp Tree L

Okay this is such a great tree to put in a swamp. I bet all of the people would be able to...
 Block count: 671
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Sea Coral 2

Woah, sea coral that is yellow .. and huge! It looks like a boat where I am looking at it ...
 Block count: 200
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