If mining gold and other valuable resources is something You've wanted to try for ages the...
 Block count: 1161
Details Blueprints

Golf Course

If You are an outgoing person then to own a little golf course in Minecraft is a must! May...
 Block count: 3377
Details Blueprints

Basketball Court

Listen up, basketball fans! Your dreams are about to come true! By following the blueprint...
 Block count: 741
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Garden Shed

A garden without a shed... Where do You think You're going to keep Your precious gardening...
 Block count: 120
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Fountain on 3 Levels

We have blueprints for fountains, You may say. We also have blueprints for fountains on tw...
 Block count: 1131
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Medieval Well

This is a small well to place in Your garden. I especially like that the well is made of m...
 Block count: 243
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Swimming Pool on 2 levels

This two-leveled swimming pool for Minecraft is perfect for families with kids. While kids...
 Block count: 4100
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If You are building Yourself a house or decorating Your garden in Minecraft, then maybe Yo...
 Block count: 365
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Boat Dock

Let me present You another well-built must-have object - a boat dock! If You already have ...
 Block count: 443
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Modern Small Garden

Ahh... what would be more peaceful profession in Minecraft than a garderner! But let's fac...
 Block count: 1188
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Medieval Gate Bridge With Towers

When building a bridge, don't stick to simple Minecraft constructions. Get out of Your com...
 Block count: 17923
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Airport Runway

Here they are- blueprints for Your airport runway! If You already have an airport or You'r...
 Block count: 1656
Details Blueprints

Small Bridge on Stilts

A bridge on stilts may sound a bit extraordinary, but it actually looks really nice. This ...
 Block count: 1116
Details Blueprints

Grapeyard for Winery

Mmm, grapes- so yummy! Ever thought of growing them on Your own? Even if You have thought ...
 Block count: 1600
Details Blueprints

Simple Continuous Asphalt Road

Ahh.. the roads! All roads take you to Rome! But not this one. Unless you build the Rome. ...
 Block count: 270
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