Medium Wooden Bridge

It is time to build one more bridge before the winter comes because people need to get ove...
 Block count: 994
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Medium Stone Bridge

A stone bridge is always a good idea to build if You want Your bridge to stay there foreve...
 Block count: 1186
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Medium Medieval Fountain

Fire and water - two absolutely different elements together like this. I am sure already t...
 Block count: 2568
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Industrial Steampunk Fountain 2

Oh wow ... this really is very unique fountain. I can already imagine it sitting in the be...
 Block count: 762
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Industrial Steampunk Fountain 1

Fancy fountains always draw on a lot of people. Well usually fountains are in the parks wh...
 Block count: 882
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Oriental Steampunk Shrine

Oh this is pretty important place in the village, don't You think so? A shrine is a place ...
 Block count: 932
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Large Christmas Tree

Name one thing there is no Christmas with ... Christmas tree, right? I mean You got to hav...
 Block count: 475
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Huge Christmas Tree

Are You ready for the biggest Christmas tree this year? I am sure You are because here it ...
 Block count: 1395
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Small Christmas Tree

Ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas ... too soon? I'll come back in a month. But now it is the right ...
 Block count: 81
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Oriental Steampunk Gazebo

I feel so calm when looking at this Gazebo, but I think it is meant for that, right? relax...
 Block count: 871
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Medium Christmas Tree

Isn't it funny that before the calmest season, there is so much stress? All the shopping t...
 Block count: 185
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Steampunk Gazebo

Aaah, this is such a nice Gazebo and it is rather roomy too. Well it is perfect for parks ...
 Block count: 448
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Steampunk Well

Have You ever been into an old village or seen one? The most important place in the villag...
 Block count: 123
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Medieval Marketplace Stall

Now this is what I call a beautiful market stall. It is so detailed, colorful and even a l...
 Block count: 69
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Japarabic Well 1

Living a fancy life sounds so good, it is a great lifestyle to choose to live in it and Yo...
 Block count: 196
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Japarabic Market Stall 3

What is better than walking around during the day when You are a little bit bored and find...
 Block count: 29
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