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Author: Madl
Block count: 203
Views: 1440

Swamps ... to be honest these places are a little bit scary because what if You fall in there and can't get out? Yeah, scary but it is perfect for Halloween, right?? Well the holiday is close, so ... Okay but the tree here, it looks really big and unique. I have never seen trees like this in swamps, so I am really excited and did You notice that You can go under the tree? Yeah, if You need a break from a sun or something, so it is a tree with multipurpose.
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Blocks you'll need:

Birch Leaves 154
Dark Oak Wood 49
Skill level 1
Object added 06 Sep 2017
Width 10
Height 9
Depth 10
Tags swamp, swamp tree, custom tree, small tree, landscaping
Block Count 203
Object materials
Birch Leaves (No Decay and Check Decay) 150
Dark Oak Wood (No Axis) 49
Birch Leaves (No Decay) 4
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10 Blocks

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