Sea Coral 2

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Author: Madl
Block count: 200
Views: 382

Woah, sea coral that is yellow .. and huge! It looks like a boat where I am looking at it or a huge mango? I love mangoes so much. But have You ever seen a sea coral like this? I bet it would look really good in a sea, in a beautiful huge blue sea where You could go for a swim and look at corals how they really live down there. That would be fun. But it is Minecraft so You can do anything with it. Just think of something fun and do it!
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Blocks you'll need:

Orange Stained Clay 109
Yellow Stained Clay 91
Skill level 1
Object added 06 Sep 2017
Width 12
Height 5
Depth 15
Tags sea coral, coral, sea, ocean, decoration
Block Count 200
Object materials
Orange Stained Clay 109
Yellow Stained Clay 91
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