Miniature House 3

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Author: TSMC
Block count: 1183
Views: 2067

This simple, yet two-storey building is equipped with rooms in different size. Its big balcony and lots of space is fulfilling even the most demanding person's requests. This is also a relatively easy object to build, but on the other hand You'll get Yourself a fancy and a safe house. Its demand of resources is also quite low and blocks required to build it are kind of easy to find. Build this object to improve Your overall safety! It's definitely a great feeling to own a house or two!
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Blocks you'll need:

Birch Wood Plank 434
Spruce Wood 199
Glass Pane 180
Stone Brick Monster Egg 103
Stone Brick Stairs 98
Bedrock 68
Oak Fence 53
Spruce wood 23
Dark Oak Door 16
Stone Brick Slab 9
Skill level 1
Object added 21 Oct 2015
Width 21
Height 13
Depth 15
Tags building, modern house, modern, miniature, modern house
Block Count 1183
Object materials
Birch Wood Plank 434
Spruce Wood 188
Glass Pane 180
Stone Brick Monster Egg 103
Bedrock 68
Oak Fence 53
Stone Brick Stairs (South, Normal) 34
Stone Brick Stairs (North, Normal) 25
Spruce wood (facing east/west) 23
Stone Brick Stairs (West) 20
Stone Brick Stairs (East) 19
Spruce Wood (facing north/south) 11
Stone Brick Slab 9
Dark Oak Door (Upper, Hinge Left, Unpowered) 6
Dark Oak Door (Lower, Facing South, Closed) 4
Dark Oak Door (Lower, Facing North, Closed) 2
Dark Oak Door (Upper, Hinge Right, Unpowered) 2
Dark Oak Door (Lower, Facing West, Closed) 1
Dark Oak Door (Lower, Facing East, Closed) 1
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