Grain Fields

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Author: Templario1408
Block count: 90
Views: 3405

Practice makes perfect, we all know that. So if You're thinking about growing something in future (in real life of course) then start for it practicing today. These grain fields right here would fit perfectly to any back yard and would allow You to grow different grains. Come on, homeboy, You've got a whooole Minecraft family to feed ;)
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Blocks you'll need:

Farmland 28
Oak Wood 28
Wheat 20
Still Water 7
Potatoes 6
Carrots 1
Skill level 1
Object added 28 Jan 2016
Width 9
Height 2
Depth 7
Tags grain fields, garden, outdoor
Block Count 90
Object materials
Farmland (Fully Hydrated) 28
Oak Wood 28
Still Water 7
Wheat (Age 2) 4
Potatoes (Growth level 0) 4
Wheat (Age 5) 3
Wheat (Age 3) 3
Wheat (Age 4) 3
Wheat (Age 0) 3
Wheat (Age 1) 2
Wheat (Age 6) 2
Carrots (Growth level 2) 1
Potatoes (Growth level 3) 1
Potatoes (Growth level 1) 1
"Yeah, go ahead, let people build villages and use US as slaves" -  Villager
"stop. please, just stop" -  Anonymous
"I like how you copy our stuff" -  Villager
"You just copied this from the vanilla minecraft villages.." -  Dottore
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2021-08-05 19:35:13 Villager

Yeah, go ahead, let people build villages and use US as slaves

2020-11-11 05:41:10 Anonymous

stop. please, just stop

2020-07-03 01:12:12 Villager

I like how you copy our stuff

2020-05-23 19:29:46 Dottore

You just copied this from the vanilla minecraft villages..