Wooden House 3

If you already have a quartz house then it's about to try something new and build a wooden...
 Block count: 771
Details Blueprints

Wooden House 2

Wooden houses look so glorious, especially when they are sooooo big! If You want to try so...
 Block count: 1717
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The Simpsons House

Already have the statues of all the Simpson family members? Now it's time for some serious...
 Block count: 8238
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Small Survival House 1

Want to build a survival house, but don't want to make it big? This small survival house i...
 Block count: 1263
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Nether Portal Room

Build all the Portal Rooms! Build an End Portal Room, but don't forget the Nether Portal R...
 Block count: 427
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End Portal Room

Looks like You don't have an End Portal Room yet, otherwise You wouldn't be here. At least...
 Block count: 588
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Krusty Krab

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Yes, it's Spongebob! And as You know he loves to e...
 Block count: 2562
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McDonald's Restaurant

Imagine that You just headed out from school after a loooong school day and You were hungr...
 Block count: 4251
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Wooden House 7

The blueprints for this house give You just the walls and the roof - but feel free to use ...
 Block count: 771
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Small Wooden Cabin 2

This is a tiny wooden cabin for You. Doesn't it look cute? This house is mostly made of da...
 Block count: 724
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Apple Store

Everyone has a friend with an Apple product. Are You that friend? Whether You are or not, ...
 Block count: 1087
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Pet Shop

Remember the time when You were little and every time You went to the mall, You wanted to ...
 Block count: 515
Details Blueprints

Ferris Wheel

Look at this huge ferris wheel, doesn't it look awesome? It would be cooler if it could mo...
 Block count: 965
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If You're a fan of farm buildings and would like to build Your own little farm with all th...
 Block count: 914
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Quartz House 7

If You haven't tried building any small houses in Minecraft then prepare Yourself, because...
 Block count: 834
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Subway Restaurant

Have You ever thought about being a businessman? Well this here is a Subway Restaurant and...
 Block count: 1075
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