Small Medieval Inn

The Middle Ages are a bit funny- they had so many houses for different occasions. For exam...
 Block count: 806
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Medieval Inn and Brewery

Tired of plain and modest medieval buildings? Try something new by building this Medieval ...
 Block count: 2461
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Medieval Canteen

It's modest, not very big or fancy, but it's somehow truly attractive. Why? Is it because ...
 Block count: 659
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Medieval Guest House With a Basement

Guests are in YOUR medieval town and they're not thinking about leaving any soon. Therefor...
 Block count: 1287
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Medieval Middle Class House

The more different houses You have in Your medieval town, the better it will start to look...
 Block count: 768
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Need a bottle of milk? Go to Walmart! Need a new pair of jeans? Again, the answer is Walma...
 Block count: 8594
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Red Barn 2

It's time to celebrate, because now You can fulfill Your dream to build a nice and big bar...
 Block count: 2154
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Taco Bell Restaurant

Mmmm, I can already smell the tacos and nachos from Taco Bell! I wonder if they still make...
 Block count: 1401
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You like creating big buildings? That about huge malls? Yes? Well, then You've come to the...
 Block count: 7544
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If You've already built everything except the barrack for soldiers then congratulations- Y...
 Block count: 1636
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Military Helicopter on a Helipad

Good news for those who like the military theme and especially the airforces! By following...
 Block count: 432
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Parking House

I'm sure that by now Your airport is beginning to take shape, am I right? You probably hav...
 Block count: 12918
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KFC Sign

You have a KFC Restaurant and You're missing a proper sign? Here's where You get one! Chec...
 Block count: 142
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KFC Restaurant

Chicken nuggets- the best comfort food in the whoooole world! And where can You get those?...
 Block count: 4091
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Town Hall

What's the point in owning a whole town when You don't have a Town Hall in it. You might k...
 Block count: 741
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Simple Church

Every town needs a church and so does Your town in Minecraft, too! Building a simple churc...
 Block count: 1327
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