Small Cozy Cottage With A King-Size Bed

Tired of big city life? Pack Your stuff and move to the countryside then! If the idea of i...
 Block count: 1022
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Medieval Cozy Guest House

Wood always gives buildings' a nicely warm touch and it's just wonderful! This wooden hous...
 Block count: 1052
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Fully Furnished Medieval Wooden Inn

The Middle Ages are not gone yet! To get the idea of this period, here's something fun to ...
 Block count: 3203
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Wooden Tavern 3

In the Middle Ages, people loved to spend their time in taverns. You know why? They could ...
 Block count: 3572
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Suburban House 3

Comfy and cozy suburban house is something every busy minecrafter needs. Wouldn't it be gr...
 Block count: 2634
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Wooden House 8

Ahh ... home - a special place where all the magic happens! If You have dreamt about a woo...
 Block count: 1829
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Arabic Desert Castle

If you have seen Aladdin, then You must know that all the amazing action takes place in so...
 Block count: 3445
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Suburban House 2

Is it just me, or does this house remind everyone of the old america family show houses. I...
 Block count: 2694
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Dunkin Donuts

Uhhh... donuts. If You are like every other proper kid, You must love donuts! And as we al...
 Block count: 1209
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Shooting Range

Along with the darkness and the night there are also coming the... You guessed it right - ...
 Block count: 1161
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Wooden House 11

Have You ever thought about building Yourself a big house with many balconies in Minecraft...
 Block count: 1905
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Medieval Brothel (Bottom Floor Underground)

Even the shyest warrior sometimes needs to spend some time in a girl's company. In this bu...
 Block count: 1704
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Mount Falcon Manor House

If You want to build an emergency shelter that nobody else has, You should consider constr...
 Block count: 27954
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Big Medieval Inn and Tavern

What would be the best thing to see after a hard day of work in Your Minecraft world? Of c...
 Block count: 5431
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Car Wash

Sometimes we all find ourselves wondering "How could I make more money?" Did You know that...
 Block count: 650
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German Military Truck

Historical constructions are so fascinating especially because of the stories behind every...
 Block count: 164
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