Spaceship Class Frigate

Not ready for the space battle yet? Mental preparation is one thing but being prepared phy...
 Block count: 19601
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Simple Medieval Sailboat

Every time I hear a word sailboat I think of El Dorado ... BUT if You have a boat and a lo...
 Block count: 190
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Futuristic Yacht 2

Why don't we do yachts like this in real life? I mean just look how cool it looks especial...
 Block count: 534
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Futuristic Quadcopter

Not just a copter but a quadcopter. It's because it has 4 rotors to generate it's lift. As...
 Block count: 3724
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Classic UFO

Holy cow ... this is an UFO here. Wow, it looks amazing, am I right? I mean I'd freak out ...
 Block count: 1484
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Big Passenger Spaceship

Wooow, that's a huge one! A real spaceship to enter the unknown. Sounds amazing! If You lo...
 Block count: 13549
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Futuristic Yacht 1

Have You ever been on a yacht before? If You have then I'm pretty sure not on a yacht like...
 Block count: 569
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Ambulance Van

Somebody needs help? Jump in Your van and head to the emergency place! And if You don't ha...
 Block count: 242
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Green Container Truck

How fun could one container truck look? Just exactly that fun! I just love the way green a...
 Block count: 254
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Apollo Rocket

Well well what do we have here - Isn't this the Apollo rocket ready to fly? It is huge, li...
 Block count: 36255
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Tie Fighters

Who doesn't love Star Wars. Everyone does! At least those who have seen it I guess. Tie Fi...
 Block count: 2172
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Small Boat

Minecrafting a little boat never killed nobody. Instead it made someone happy and proud to...
 Block count: 3837
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Small Blue Truck

Tired from challenging Yourself all the time or just looking for a nice and easy build to ...
 Block count: 147
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F-69 VTOL - Saints Row 3 Spaceship

Can it get any better? Oooh, not sure, man! This spaceship is absolutely grand! Looks like...
 Block count: 26144
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The International Space Station

Can You imagine being an astronaut, floating around in space and visiting other planets? I...
 Block count: 6968
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Steampunk Airship

Well this airship here is very unique. It looks amazing and I am loving the light colors. ...
 Block count: 7158
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