Bookshop Cart

Why to sit and wait for the customers in a bookshop when it's so shiny and bright outside?...
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Huge Sailing Warship

Some people are loving living in a ship, am I right? I've heard it is really peaceful and ...
 Block count: 16165
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Fishing Sail Boat

Even though I'm completely morning person I have never fished before ... What a bummer, ha...
 Block count: 433
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Fantasy Sailing Warship

Sailing the sea, it's one of the big dreams so many people have had, am I right? I wish th...
 Block count: 17241
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Fantasy Hot Air Baloon

I'm going flying with a hot air balloon soon but I'm pretty sure no other balloon is looki...
 Block count: 1053
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Fantasy Horse Drawn Carriage

I once saw a perfect horse drawn carriage from some kind of movie and ... I'd really love ...
 Block count: 140
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Fantasy Zeppelin

Someone needs to bring back Zeppelins, can You imagine how cool would it be to see them fl...
 Block count: 13084
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Big Sailing Warship

The city of Kanos has recently got a new valuable member. That's a big sailing warship tha...
 Block count: 15489
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Small Transport Sailboat

I love water, I want to be a fish and just swim my whole life, but well I can't so I just ...
 Block count: 1956
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Kanos Small Sailing Ship

What do You think of sailing the world? Just leave everything You are doing right now and ...
 Block count: 3577
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Medieval Horse Wagon

That's just sooo exciting when You've come to the point when You've got a lot of medieval ...
 Block count: 40
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Medieval Horse Cart

Medieval times can bring us so many wonderful little design elements. Not sure if a horse ...
 Block count: 44
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Medieval Handcar

Can minecrafting get any easier? I guess not, but even a simple model can become special a...
 Block count: 4
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Medieval Horse Coach

This large four wheeled carriage is used with two horses to transport stuff from one place...
 Block count: 58
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Quirky Medieval Sail Ship

I love sailing ships, mainly because I love to travel but also they look so cool and they ...
 Block count: 2145
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Medieval Sailing Ship 2

I wish that someday I can go sailing on the sea - to feel the sea air on my skin, smell th...
 Block count: 2497
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