Medieval Horse Wagon

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Author: Djfantome23
Block count: 40
Views: 1555

That's just sooo exciting when You've come to the point when You've got a lot of medieval houses in Your town and now it's time to add all the little details. I'm sure You know how inevitable was using horses as transportation back in these days. Here's a decent horse wagon to represent that fact. Simply add some horses and booom, You've got the whole package ;)
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Blocks you'll need:

Wall Sign 12
Hay Bale 11
Wall 5
Wooden Trapdoor 4
Oak Fence Gate 2
Skill level 1
Object added 05 Apr 2016
Width 4
Height 3
Depth 5
Tags medieval, horse wagon, transportation
Block Count 40
Object materials
Hay Bale (Axis Y) 9
Wall Sign, west 6
Oak Wood Slab (Upper) 6
Wall-mounted Sign Block west-northwest 5
Wall Sign, north 3
Wall Sign, south 3
Wooden Trapdoor (North from block, Open, Top Half) 2
Wooden Trapdoor (East from block, Open, Top Half) 2
Oak Fence Gate (Facing South, Opened) 2
Hay Bale (Axis X) 2
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