Eel's Jag Sailship

I would love to sail, I am seriously jealous of people who are able to sale the world. But...
 Block count: 16445
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The Dark Gale Black Sails

Black is such a pretty color. Don't You think? I mean... look how well it works on this sh...
 Block count: 26290
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Princess Doria Royal Flagship

If You're passionate about ships then You probably fell in love after seeing this model. Y...
 Block count: 26627
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Odyssea Sailship

So graceful and beautiful, yet so mysterious and magical. That's what this Odyssea sailshi...
 Block count: 10093
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Devil's Menace Sailship

Wooo, why so black!? As the name of this model says, it's a devil's ship. I guess that exp...
 Block count: 30641
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Dartmouth Sailship

Hold Your horses, fellows, cuz this ship can overexcite You way too quickly! Yeah, it look...
 Block count: 10650
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Trading Vessel

So, this vessel is like from a history book when people sailed the seas from market to mar...
 Block count: 6746
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Red Baron Sailship

I am pretty proud of myself because I have been on a cruise ship for over 10 times but a s...
 Block count: 21531
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Fishing Sailboat

Who want's to go for a boat ride? Woo, make a line please! This little fishing sailboat is...
 Block count: 343
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Small Sailboat 2

Why do I always think of El-Dorado when I see a word sail? I think the world needs me ... ...
 Block count: 1224
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Small Sailboat

This Small Sailboat is perfect for Your mini getaways. It is small enough, so it is easy t...
 Block count: 1415
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Medieval Sailing Warship

Heyho, captain Jack! Ready to sail? This Medieval Sailing Warship is big, strong and power...
 Block count: 6947
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Asian Junk

Did You know that a junk is an ancient Chinese sailing ship design that is still in use to...
 Block count: 1884
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Long Keel Modern Sailboat

I wanna sail the world and I believe this sailboat here is perfect for that, just look at ...
 Block count: 133
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Modern Orange Speedboat

I love water, water is amazing, You can swim there, sunbathe, exercise, relax, hear the wa...
 Block count: 162
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Luxury Yacht

Sometimes I feel like who needs a house if You can buy Yourself a big luxury Yacht and liv...
 Block count: 1282
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