Futuristic Yacht 1

Have You ever been on a yacht before? If You have then I'm pretty sure not on a yacht like...
 Block count: 569
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Small Boat

Minecrafting a little boat never killed nobody. Instead it made someone happy and proud to...
 Block count: 3837
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Steampunk Airship

Well this airship here is very unique. It looks amazing and I am loving the light colors. ...
 Block count: 7158
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Sailboat 1

Isn't this a perfect day to go sailing? You can go alone or take Your friends, family with...
 Block count: 1437
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Air-Pirate Junker

Pirates in the air? There's nothing to be surprised about if You're given an air-pirate ju...
 Block count: 11858
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Radiance - Crusader Ship

Ancient crusaders new how to rock on the waves. They just needed a proper ship- that was h...
 Block count: 7685
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Fishing Vessel

Love fishing? Don't do it from the shore, take this fishing vessel and go in the middle of...
 Block count: 1784
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A flying ship? Not bad! This airship will give You the chance to first of all- be an owner...
 Block count: 1956
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Ocean Liner

How about a weekend cruise? No worries no work just fun and a lot of it. Doesn't this ocea...
 Block count: 10876
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Have You ever seen so pure and beautiful sailing ship? I am seriously loving all the detai...
 Block count: 9825
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I don't like wars, seriously who thought that wars would be a great idea to achieve someth...
 Block count: 14510
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The Wind Reaper (Small Airship)

Who thought about building an airship in the first place and why don't we have them flying...
 Block count: 1400
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Ship of the Line

Doesn't this ship here look different? The sails are beautiful red and the ship is totally...
 Block count: 9071
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Large Airship, mean and sleek

Wow, isn't this airship here seriously detailed? It looks very modern, beautiful and a lit...
 Block count: 27437
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Ironclad- 19th Century Ship

This ship here is absolutely amazing, even my little sister loved it. This 19th century sh...
 Block count: 28611
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The Majestic Cruise Ship

Holy Moly! Take some time off Your real life now because You're about to minecraft one of ...
 Block count: 22057
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