Small Trading Ship

I hope You have some stuff You need to get rid of, because this ship here is a trading shi...
 Block count: 4443
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Sloop ship

The more You look at it from different angles the more You become to like it. This sloop s...
 Block count: 13347
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Pirate Boat

Now this boat here is huge, isn't it? The first thing I saw were the sails, they are huge ...
 Block count: 23983
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Medieval Ship 1

This time we're not talking about any huge or crazy pirate ship that may scare even pirate...
 Block count: 1036
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The Elite - Pirate Ship

I am not the only one that loves pirates, am I right? I mean wouldn't it be boring to trav...
 Block count: 11077
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A little history lesson for ship lovers: a galleon was a large, multi-decked sailing ship ...
 Block count: 18623
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Coastal Trading Vessel

This vessel here is looking awesome, don't You think so? I am loving the huge white sails,...
 Block count: 5813
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Battleship (USS Arizona BB-39)

It's time to put Your minecrafting skills on test because this model ain't any piece of ca...
 Block count: 18358
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Medieval Sailboat

Wow, a true masterpiece to ship collectors! I can't get my eyes of these details on the sa...
 Block count: 3328
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Tiny Boat 2 (Graywatch)

If I say this boat is tiny then I really mean it. It's teeny! Colorful sail makes it look ...
 Block count: 60
Details Blueprints

Tiny Boat 1 (Graywatch)

Gosh, how lovely they look together! I mean this tiny boat and the other Graywatch tiny bo...
 Block count: 61
Details Blueprints

Steampunk Medieval Airship

Do You like science fictions? Because this airship here is fiction, but awesome one, well ...
 Block count: 502
Details Blueprints

Small Airship

It's been a long time since I saw a airship. Look how cool it looks, like from a fairy tal...
 Block count: 242
Details Blueprints

Viking / Nordic Long Boat

Classic! This Nordic Long Boat is like the most perfect example of the notorious viking st...
 Block count: 553
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Small Medieval Ship

Isn't this ship looking cool? But I don't think it is very small, I'd say it is pretty big...
 Block count: 1837
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Cruiser (Slava-Class)

This cruiser here is just .... Amazing, look how detailed and huge it is. I bet this cruis...
 Block count: 13455
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