Naval Destroyer

Do I need to be scared of this destroyer here? Because I have a feeling I do, it looks so ...
 Block count: 1144
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Military Submarine

So, a submarine, huh? To be honest I have never seen one myself in the real life but it su...
 Block count: 356
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Military Port Tender

Well, a port tender, I was wondering if we have a ship like that in here, but now we do! I...
 Block count: 187
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Military Pilot Vessel

Vessel is a ship or a large boat if You look it up from the dictionary. I like the word ve...
 Block count: 205
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Military Patrol Boat

I have to be honest here, military ships are the best! Do You agree with me? Because just ...
 Block count: 819
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Military Cargo Ship

I have always wondered about cargo ships ... they really do travel all around the world, r...
 Block count: 882
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Marshall Runner Research Boat

Every time I hear Marshal I think of "How I met Your mother" ... what if this boat here is...
 Block count: 32
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Marshall Racer Research Boat

I wonder what can we do with a racer research boat like this one here. I do like the blue ...
 Block count: 32
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Marine Research Boat 4

If You are looking for a simple boat to build then You are in the right place, my friend. ...
 Block count: 114
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Marine Research Boat 3

I wanted to go to the Marine once. Doesn't it sound like so much fun to be in there? Those...
 Block count: 321
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Marine Research Boat 2

Woooah, now this is the boat that I would love to work on. Can You imagine being on this s...
 Block count: 266
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Marine Research Boat 1

Planning to do some research at the sea? Cool idea, buddy! Now You just need a proper boat...
 Block count: 369
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Small Fishing Sailing Ship

I want to go to a fishing trip with a small ship to an ocean .... or to the sea, yeah the ...
 Block count: 553
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Sky Ship

How cool is thaaaat? An actual sky ship. I wonder where it's heading... Naaah, that doesn'...
 Block count: 734
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Warrior Tugboat

Warrior, now that is a great name for a boat, especially for a tugboat. To be honest every...
 Block count: 1690
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OJ Tugboat

Hey You all! Well this tugboat here is a cute one, don't You think so? I mean just look at...
 Block count: 1099
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