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Spruce Medieval House 3

Now this is what I call a nice ... creepy Medieval house. Dark colors, a lot of grey stone...
 Block count: 900
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Semi Trailer Truck with Cab

I have always wondered how trucks like this stay ... well straight and not fall down on th...
 Block count: 114
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Refrigerated Semi Trailer

So this trailer here is permanently cold, right? Sounds like the perfect get away in a hot...
 Block count: 298
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Redneck RV

You must be a serious Redneck to drive with this RV here! Or not ... it is fairly up to Yo...
 Block count: 103
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Oldtimer Truck

Woah, an old truck, exactly as I remember them ... looking from a magazine that is. But it...
 Block count: 82
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Medieval Rural Windmill

It is windy, people are walking to work and suddenly You see a windmill slowly starting to...
 Block count: 603
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Camping Trailer

Now this is something for all of You who love to travel but do not like hotels and huge ho...
 Block count: 131
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Medieval Rural House 3

How about living in a cozy small Rural house? Well the house in here is rather adorable ac...
 Block count: 741
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Medieval Stone Fountain 6

What do we have here? A beautiful blue fountain made entirely out of grey stone. Well it l...
 Block count: 122
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Unfurnished Nordic Medium House 3

Medium house, huh. Well it really is a big house and it looks so classy as well. Just step...
 Block count: 2036
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Steampunk Fantasy House 1

Details here, details there, details everywhere ... this is what describes this house here...
 Block count: 2132
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Spruce Medieval House 2

Have You ever smelled Spruce tree? I have to tell You, it smells really good - it is kind ...
 Block count: 803
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Medieval Rural House 2

How about living in a sweet little home in the middle of the forest or plain fields - well...
 Block count: 2428
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Heavy Duty Dump Truck

Heavy duty truck, for a hard job like this the truck needs to be seriously strong, am I ri...
 Block count: 185
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Fantasy Island House

Well ... this is just woah. That house, if You can even find it, is amazing. Hidden in the...
 Block count: 6264
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ARC-170 Starfighter

Do You remember the Clone Wars? Well this Starfighter here was used during that time by t...
 Block count: 1375
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