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Fantasy Lava Well

Woah, this well scared me. I am sure if I would see one in real life I would be running un...
 Block count: 229
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Fantasy Lava Silo

So there is a silo for lava ... to be honest it looks rather top tech and a little bit sca...
 Block count: 724
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Fantasy Water Well

My grandma used to tell me that if the well is beautiful and calm then the water in there ...
 Block count: 229
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Gothic Medieval House 1

Who is in to Gothic Medieval houses? If You are then You have just found a piece of gold r...
 Block count: 894
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Traditional House

Now this is nice - simple, empty, beautiful and rather detailed house. As You can see it i...
 Block count: 2922
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Tang Style Tower Hall

Tower hall ... here is something interesting into Your village or town. A tower and a beau...
 Block count: 3178
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Tang Style Tower

Have You ever been to China and seen this kind of beauty with Your own eyes? If You have t...
 Block count: 3277
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Tang Style Storage House

Houses built in the Tang style are all looking amazing but can You imagine that this house...
 Block count: 1874
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Tang Style Small Courtyard

Have You ever thought what it would be like to live in utter peace and beauty? Well in thi...
 Block count: 3442
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Old Medieval Tower 4

What were towers used for in the old Medieval times? Now if You have a village, a Medieval...
 Block count: 163
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Old Medieval Tower 3

Old Medieval times were pretty amazing ... well looking at the architecture, I mean. This ...
 Block count: 495
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Old Medieval Tower 2

A simple old Medieval tower! If You already have a village then You know that You might ne...
 Block count: 727
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Chinese Gate 3 Doors

You know these gates are seriously famous and as I have heard pretty powerful as well. And...
 Block count: 559
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Old Medieval Tower 1

Tell me one word that comes into Your mind when looking at this Old Medieval tower here. I...
 Block count: 1261
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Small Unfurnished Modern House 1

Is it just me or every time I see a gorgeous Modern house I think how classy and beautiful...
 Block count: 4211
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Small Classic Bank Building

I am sure You have seen banks before, right? Today they are ... well like other houses and...
 Block count: 1905
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