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Nordic Small Home

Oh how Nordic houses make my eyes watery - they are such wonderful houses and if You are g...
 Block count: 1136
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Medieval Stone Fountain 2

How about building a wonderful, detailed, artistic, beautiful, magnificent, royal stone fo...
 Block count: 1288
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Medieval Stone Fountain 1

Woah, this is actually a really big fountain. In the summer when it gets too hot it can be...
 Block count: 1208
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Medieval Pigsty

Pigsty, this is an interesting word to say - pigsty. But this place is rather important an...
 Block count: 246
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Large Fantasy Planter 1

Well this is an interesting planter. It is huge, like a whole tree but at the same time it...
 Block count: 169
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Fantasy Street Lamp 1

Is that ... a street lamp? Woah, it looks like they have used some kind of magic or spells...
 Block count: 70
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Fantasy Staircase Design 1

Well this is a pretty nice staircase we have here. Imagine owning a beautiful castle with ...
 Block count: 102
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Druid's Hut

Woah, is that really a hut? From far away it looks ... well it doesn't look like a house a...
 Block count: 482
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Fantasy Archway 1

You know archways are popular in Japan and they look really good. This archway here can be...
 Block count: 48
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Fantasy Window Design 1

Do You know what this window here reminds me? - Harry Potter, for some reason. Well those ...
 Block count: 86
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Unfurnished Traditional House

So this is what a traditional house looks like - I have always wondered what they might lo...
 Block count: 2922
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Small Viking Hut

A small Viking hut! Can You imagine living as a true strong and powerful Viking and owning...
 Block count: 1254
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Minimalist Gothic House

Well this Gothic house here is looking rather adorable. It reminds me of Hobbit houses for...
 Block count: 144
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Gothic Medieval House 2

Medieval houses are amazing but You know which ones are even better - Yes, Gothic houses! ...
 Block count: 1429
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Gothic Medieval Church

What is better looking and more ... Halloween like Church than a Gothic Medieval one, righ...
 Block count: 3206
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Fantasy Water Silo

Now this silo here looks very Ancient Rome like - very artistic and rather beautiful. Grey...
 Block count: 676
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