Castle Courtyard

If You have a castle in Your Minecraft and want to add a little something to it then how a...
 Block count: 21209
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Asian Archery Range

I should take up some new exercises that are fun to do. Isn't archery fun activity? I have...
 Block count: 2104
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Street Bookshop

How cool would it be if You were just wandering at the street and suddenly there was an aw...
 Block count: 457
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Imperial Park 1

I love walking in parks with hot chocolate in one hand and listening to some music, thinki...
 Block count: 14997
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Pegasus Fountain

Have You ever thought that man, I'd like own a Pegasus fountain someday. Well I do not lik...
 Block count: 3805
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Botanical Garden

Do You like visiting Botanical Gardens? Because I really do, it is always so beautiful and...
 Block count: 12238
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Baroque Garden

Medieval, renaissance, baroque... So many styles, even more models to try out. But You kno...
 Block count: 14795
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Fountains Terrace

Wondering how it would feel like to own a majestic garden? No need to wonder anymore, Mine...
 Block count: 10710
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Grain Fields

Practice makes perfect, we all know that. So if You're thinking about growing something in...
 Block count: 90
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No tap no water? Nope, if You have a draw-well! That's an inevitable piece in every mediev...
 Block count: 176
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Small Water Tank

Water tank may be an essential piece in different places- in farms, airports, at the const...
 Block count: 845
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Water tank

I know You want to make this farm work. You may have all the barns and stables on point bu...
 Block count: 3777
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Small Swimming Pool

We could all use a little swimming pool sometimes. Just to, You know, relax and stuff. The...
 Block count: 342
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Natural Looking Tree

This here is a beautiful tree, as You can see ... I hope. So if You want to make Your gard...
 Block count: 2737
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Small Bridge

Need to get from one side of the river to another but want to keep it as smooth as possibl...
 Block count: 252
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Medieval Tower

Some of us like houses, some statues and some fancy more towers. If You're one of the towe...
 Block count: 809
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