Other Transportation


Kamov KA-27

Do You like more Soviet or America helicopters? To be honest I do not see a big difference...
 Block count: 150
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CH-53 Sea Stallion

Now this is a helicopter to build of You need to transport something heavy. Sea Stallion i...
 Block count: 233
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M777 Howitzer

Let me share a secret with You guys ... howitzers are scary!! But at the same time it is o...
 Block count: 66
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AH-64 Apache

Well this helicopter here is heavy and it needs to be heavy because all the weapons it is ...
 Block count: 146
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Kamov Ka-50 Folded

A folded transportation?? Well then ... now I have seen it all and I love it so much. Just...
 Block count: 204
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Tank Car

Yeah, it is time to use that building ability for something good! I bet if You live in a d...
 Block count: 478
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Orange Refrigerator Car

Have You ever wondered where do they transport ice cream, ice and all cold goods? Well thi...
 Block count: 684
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Log Flat Car

Railway transportation is just great, what do You think? I mean is there anything You can ...
 Block count: 772
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Flat Car with Leopard Tank

I suppose flat cars are really good tank transporters, huh? Lately there are a lot of flat...
 Block count: 601
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Empty Well Car

This is some serious transportation going on here. If You have a railroad then all the way...
 Block count: 153
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Empty Hopper Car

Hopper car!! This is seriously the railroad freight I see the most often and to be honest ...
 Block count: 433
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Empty Flat Car

This flat car came just in the perfect time. I love how roomy it is and can You imagine ho...
 Block count: 274
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T-14 Armata

Oh, a Russian battle tank, huh? Let me tell you a little secret ... everything Russia does...
 Block count: 219
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Standard Boxcar

Let's be honest, I know You need a boxcar like that! If You have a railroad then it is sim...
 Block count: 531
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Open Autorack

12 cars in Your service ... Or well not so much in service because they are not able to mo...
 Block count: 1833
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M109 Howitzer

Howitzer like that ... I would be careful if I were You because these vehicles are known t...
 Block count: 162
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