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Author: CraftyFoxe
Block count: 274
Views: 948

This flat car came just in the perfect time. I love how roomy it is and can You imagine how many goods, vehicles or pretty much everything it can transport and carry? It will just follor Your railway, so it can go everywhere You lead it to - isn't it great? Plus as You can see it is rather simple to build, just make sure to make it safe as possible. You don't want to lose Your goods in the middle of the way. But just have fun :)
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Blocks you'll need:

Light Gray Stained Clay 190
Stone Slab 58
Hopper 8
Stone Brick Slab 8
Piston 4
Piston Head 4
Lever 2
Skill level 1
Object added 24 May 2017
Width 41
Height 2
Depth 5
Tags flatcar, flat car, freight car, freight, freight train, transportation
Block Count 274
Object materials
Light Gray Stained Clay 190
Stone Slab (Upper) 58
Hopper (Output Facing Down, Disabled) 8
Stone Brick Slab (Upper) 6
Stone Brick Slab 2
Piston (Facing east, Extended) 2
Piston Head (Facing east, Not Extended) 2
Piston Head (Facing west, Not Extended) 2
Piston (Facing west, Extended) 2
Lever (On Block Bottom Points South When Off, Active) 1
Lever (On Block Bottom Points East When Off, Active) 1
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