Other Transportation


B-Wing (Star Wars)

This is so far the most detailed construction I have seen in Minecraft, just look at the w...
 Block count: 1114
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Freight Train

I do not know about You but I love travelling with the train, I can be in my own bubble an...
 Block count: 1552
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AT-ST/Chicken Walker (Star Wars)

Listen up, Star Wars fans! The funny looking Chicken Walker is now ready to be a part of Y...
 Block count: 431
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TIE Fighter (Star Wars)

Star Wars never stops to amaze us with it's enormous characters. This TIE Fighter is again...
 Block count: 597
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Snowspeeder (Star Wars)

The Legendary Star Wars is back and with even better models than before! If You're a fan o...
 Block count: 554
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Hot Air Balloon

I dreamed of flying when I was a little kid, but now I dream of going for a ride with a ho...
 Block count: 179
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Modern Train

While we all have seen Hollywood movies of unstoppable trains, this one is seriously stuck...
 Block count: 1038
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