Other Transportation


Cattle Cart

A cattle cart ... now this is really interesting. Have You ever seen animals transported l...
 Block count: 29
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Flatbed Wagon

Very simple yet extremely important way of transportation - Flatbed Wagon. It is really im...
 Block count: 10
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Simple Wooden Cart

In the old Medieval times people sure loved carts, no wonder they were really important fo...
 Block count: 18
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Small Trader Wagon

Oh this is really nice. The trader wagon You see here is perfect for horses, if You have a...
 Block count: 8
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Small Trader Cart

Trader carts were pretty amazing in the Medieval times and they still are. With this cart ...
 Block count: 5
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Small Hand Cart

Simple, small but rather cute hand cart is here. Imagine living in the Medieval times or c...
 Block count: 3
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Rey's Speeder

Custom-made all by Rey with components found in its home planet Jakku. If You didn't belie...
 Block count: 33
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Empire TX-225 Tank

An Empire tank for all of the planets and cities on the universe. The tank here is pretty ...
 Block count: 352
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Fanned Air Balloon 3

You know ... being afraid of heights is a downside of life but at the same it is a blessin...
 Block count: 339
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Fanned Air Balloon 2

An air balloon ... this is a dream come true, I have always wanted to glide like a fabulou...
 Block count: 339
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Fanned Air Balloon 1

Oh this Air Balloon is a fancy one, huh. This is a fanned Air Balloon, so it flies better ...
 Block count: 339
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How do You know the helicopter is really good? One, it is built in Russia and secondly, it...
 Block count: 277
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Oshkosh JLTV

Now this here is an amazing vehicle. To be precise it is a combat multi-role vehicle which...
 Block count: 83
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1938 Dodge Airflow Tanker Truck

You can't miss a truck like this. It is huge and so colorful, I mean can You imagine a bri...
 Block count: 118
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Small Box Truck

Aww this is such a cute truck. But it is a box one .... so it can be used for plenty of th...
 Block count: 155
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Pitcairn PA-39 Autogiro

This awfully looks like a helicopter, but it is not. It is a Autogiro and what is an Autog...
 Block count: 57
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