Other Transportation


UN Small AT Walker

How do You feel about walkers? They are seriously awesome if You ask me, I mean machines o...
 Block count: 714
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UN Self Propelled Howitzer

Now this is one cool Howitzer! It looks so strong and unique, well it is a UN self propell...
 Block count: 364
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UN Patrol Car

"They see me rollin', patrollin'..."- yeah, only if You had a relevant car for doing this....
 Block count: 91
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UN AT Walker

I love walkers and I am so happy somebody thought that we could build a machine on legs, h...
 Block count: 1910
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UN AT Crawler

"Why drive or walk if You can crawl instead!?"- said no normal person ever. Hah, but Minec...
 Block count: 2838
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UN All Terrain Walker

Something for super adventurous minecrafters only. An UN all terrain walker- a model Your ...
 Block count: 5243
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UN Tank

Dreams do come true. Even the ones You don't actually realize to dream about, haha. This t...
 Block count: 2683
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UN Heavy Tank

Wooo! Hold on! This minecrafter must be Your hero! I don't think anybody can come up with ...
 Block count: 4616
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UN Armoured Car

Owning a car is cool but rolling around in an armoured car is beyoooond cool. It's like di...
 Block count: 2717
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UN Anti Gravity Tank

Gravity can't hold this tank down. Nope, not this time. This fierce machine has been made ...
 Block count: 2394
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Half Life 2 Combine Gunship v2

It's time to get more mysterious. Time to take off and keep Your eyes on the haters from t...
 Block count: 418
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Half Life 2 Combine Dropship

I just can't handle this build. Seems too crazy for me. This combine dropship's truly out ...
 Block count: 664
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Half Life 2 Combine Gunship

So, gunships are actually living creatures that have been artificially altered? This is so...
 Block count: 418
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Say whaaat! He really did it. Kubel minecrafted us this super awesome AT-AT! Every Star Wa...
 Block count: 3557
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Modern Attack Helicopter 3

Here it is. Probably the sickest attack helicopter in Grabcraft. Or even in the whole Mine...
 Block count: 404
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Modern Attack Helicopter 2

Uuu, watch out! That bad boy over here can scare even the toughest guy in Minecraft. It lo...
 Block count: 403
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