Other Transportation


Modern Attack Helicopter

So, how about building an attack helicopter to fly in Your sky? This one here is actually ...
 Block count: 515
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Small White Quad

"They see me rollin', they hatin..."- that's what You should be singing while driving this...
 Block count: 20
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Attack Helicopter on Helipad

Man, that looks fierce! This model is completely out of this world! Who could've ever imag...
 Block count: 1167
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White Stretch Limousine

Is there a sky window on this limousine here? If I am seeing this right then it is the coo...
 Block count: 166
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Transport Helicopter on Helipad

I hope You have pilot license because You'll need one if You are going to fly with this th...
 Block count: 3560
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Black Pickup Truck

What is the car You have always dreamed of? Mine, believe it or not is a pickup truck, jus...
 Block count: 99
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Black Stretch Limousine

You know why I love Minecraft? Because I can be rich in there, just look at this limousine...
 Block count: 182
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Silver Stretch Limousine

Can You imagine how cool would it be to drive a limousine? Or even better, to be the owner...
 Block count: 166
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Orange Stretch Limousine

Looks like You're birthday ride has arrived. Are You ready!? This orange stretch limousine...
 Block count: 168
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Gold Stretch Limousine

Few years ago I was able to sit inside the limousine in a wedding and let me tell You, it ...
 Block count: 162
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Watch out, minecrafters! Here comes one of the most famous vehicles from Star Wars. Yeap, ...
 Block count: 438
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Anakin Skywalker's Podracer

Let's take a moment to say a big Thank You for Kubel! This guy has done some incredible jo...
 Block count: 192
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Missile Launcher

One thing's for sure- the author of this build knows exactly how to make an attractive mis...
 Block count: 1294
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Army Heavy Truck and Missile Launcher

Say whaaat, a rebel 2in1 build for true Minecraft enthusiasts is right in front of You. Wa...
 Block count: 1730
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So, AT-ST is like a robot that You can crawl into and control it, pretty cool right? You c...
 Block count: 302
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Speeder Bike

The history of Speeder bikes is pretty fascinating, I wish we could ride with bikes like t...
 Block count: 52
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