Swamp Tree S

Swamps ... to be honest these places are a little bit scary because what if You fall in th...
 Block count: 203
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Swamp Tree L

Okay this is such a great tree to put in a swamp. I bet all of the people would be able to...
 Block count: 671
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Sea Coral 2

Woah, sea coral that is yellow .. and huge! It looks like a boat where I am looking at it ...
 Block count: 200
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Clash of Clans Gold Mine 9

Oh a blue gold mine. Now that is looking very good! Blue, yellow, brown and grey ... don't...
 Block count: 710
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Seaweed 2

Seaweed! I love seaweed, it is delicious and sushi ... okay getting off the track here. Bu...
 Block count: 325
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Birch Tree S

Oh how I love Birch trees, the white beautiful trees that always catch my eyes. Have You e...
 Block count: 107
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Birch Tree L

Birch tree is my favorite one! Why? Because it is so pretty and the colors are just so uni...
 Block count: 303
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Clash of Clans Laboratory 8

Clash of Clans Lab ... can You imagine how cool would it be to work in there? To step into...
 Block count: 374
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Clash of Clans Gold Mine 8

Okay but working in Gold mine, can You bring some gold at home too? I think it would be st...
 Block count: 657
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Seaweed 1

Okay, this is literally a seaweed, a very tall seaweed. This is a great example of what Yo...
 Block count: 35
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Sea Coral 1

This is something interesting we have here. A beautiful blue ... or purple I am not so sur...
 Block count: 198
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Acacia Tree S

If You look at Acacia tree then I bet You are thinking about Savannah, right? Yeah these t...
 Block count: 217
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Acacia Tree L

Wouldn't it be nice to go to Africa and see this tree here with Your own eyes? A beautiful...
 Block count: 379
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Clash of Clans Tesla Coil 7

You know that You can get Tesla Coil from the Town hall after reaching level seven? Well i...
 Block count: 213
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Clash of Clans Laboratory 7

A Clash of Clans lab is one building that a lot of people can spot from a mile away. It ju...
 Block count: 339
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Clash of Clans Gold Storage 10

This storage is a little bit bigger. I wonder if it can fit hundred kilograms of gold or e...
 Block count: 823
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