Natural Birch Tree

A natural Birch tree, this sounds very nice, doesn't it? The white tree trunk looks amazin...
 Block count: 303
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Fallen Pine Tree

You know trees may be the heart of our earth ... trees are really imortant for all kind of...
 Block count: 653
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Thin Birch Tree

How can a tree like this stand up? The magic of Minecraft ... I have a feeling standing un...
 Block count: 82
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Thin Palm Tree 2

If You can see Palm trees that means there is sun, a lot of sun ... not like the sun in En...
 Block count: 35
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Thin Palm Tree 1

When it is hot we think of winter and when it is cold we think of the sun ... so typical o...
 Block count: 36
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Tall Swamp Tree 3

How about adding a huge tree into Your swamp? A new tree would be good for the environment...
 Block count: 872
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Tall Swamp Tree 2

Swamp is a dangerous place to go, especially if it is a huge swamp like in the 'Lord of th...
 Block count: 1001
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Tall Swamp Tree 1

So what do we have here ... a tall tree made for the dangerous swamp. If You think of swam...
 Block count: 511
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Swamp Roots 2

What is so special about the swamp? Of course the tree roots, right? Sometimes they are go...
 Block count: 91
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Swamp Roots 1

How to make swamp more interesting, better looking, realistic and cooler ... it is all abo...
 Block count: 65
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Medium Swamp Tree 2

A beautiful tree for a beautiful place called the swamp. You know, swamps usually do not h...
 Block count: 721
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Medium Swamp Tree 1

Have You ever been to a real swamp? A big one or a small one, it doesn't matter because bo...
 Block count: 610
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Small Swamp Tree

Awww ... such a cute little tree sitting in the middle of the swamp. You know, there are a...
 Block count: 378
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Fantasy Steampunk Crane

Let's get to work people! I would so much rather say Let's play! But yeah ... To be honest...
 Block count: 1364
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Medium Medieval Fountain

Fire and water - two absolutely different elements together like this. I am sure already t...
 Block count: 2568
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Industrial Steampunk Fountain 2

Oh wow ... this really is very unique fountain. I can already imagine it sitting in the be...
 Block count: 762
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