Forest Giant 2

This here is art!! A true art in the forest, can You imagine it sitting in the forest all ...
 Block count: 1696
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Ancient Giant Tortoise

What is it about old statues that are so relaxing and calming? This Tortoise here is so cu...
 Block count: 1524
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Elven Fantasy Well

If You are tired of getting water from a regular well then this here is for You. It would ...
 Block count: 559
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Ragnar's Medieval Quarry Crane

If You are looking for a perfect crane that will help You no matter what then this is it, ...
 Block count: 6745
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Ragnar's Medieval Crane

Oh wow, this crane is looking rather strong and cool. To be honest I would totally use thi...
 Block count: 452
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Wind Turbine

Wanna make that wind work for You? Genius idea, buddy! Here's a legit wind turbine for You...
 Block count: 424
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Water Tower

You know, sometimes You just wake up and have a feeling like 'Man, today I'm gonna build a...
 Block count: 959
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Old Construction Site 2

What is it about construction sites that makes it look so cool? Imagine walking around at ...
 Block count: 1427
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Old Quarry Crane 1

The name is saying an old crane but all I can see is such a cool simple looking crane. I w...
 Block count: 6094
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Old Construction Site 1

Check this out, buddy! This old construction site is absolutely amazing for someone who's ...
 Block count: 1568
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Steampunk Cargo Container

I have seen a lot of these containers in ... movies and they have always been so cool. I h...
 Block count: 70
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Small Transmission Tower 2

Have You ever been directly under transmission towers? Now that is a feeling You can not f...
 Block count: 68
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Small Transmission Tower 1

Is it just me or with transmission towers we could do art! I mean this transmission tower ...
 Block count: 116
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Sandstone Desert Patio

Now this is the place to have the best summer ever! It is fun, beautiful and the weather ...
 Block count: 943
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Sandstone Desert Fountain

Fountain in the desert? What is this place we live in?? This is so cool, such a great idea...
 Block count: 127
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Modern Street Light 2

We can all agree that it's pretty hard to find cool modern street light blueprints these d...
 Block count: 23
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