Dwarven Portal

I wish I had a portal that would take me straight to school ... so that there is no walkin...
 Block count: 491
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Rustic Portal

I suddenly feel like travelling ... thank god we have portals. I wish I could say that in ...
 Block count: 537
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Elven Portal

Woah, now this here is a huge portal. At first I didn't even find the portal from all of t...
 Block count: 563
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Desert Portal

Uuu, a portal in desert. The design of this portal immediately gave me ancient Egypt feeli...
 Block count: 559
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Medieval Trebuchet

Have You seen trebuchets before? I think the last time I saw them was in the movie "The gr...
 Block count: 340
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Giant Hand

A giant hand ... at first I thought that it is pointless but now to think about it - can Y...
 Block count: 121
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Fantasy Mine Shaft

Oh this here is a mine shaft? Woah ... it looks so good, like from a fairytale or somethin...
 Block count: 9523
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Netherrack Portal Design

I have always loved portals and this one here just makes me love them even more than befor...
 Block count: 1093
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Giant Skull Ruin

If You are looking for something a little bit magical then here You go. A Skull ruin! To b...
 Block count: 310
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Small Nether Portal Design

Who wouldn't love portals, or what do You think? I hope You love them because we really do...
 Block count: 211
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Forest Giant

If You want to make Your forest more interesting and maybe even famous then I am pretty su...
 Block count: 984
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Floating Island Oasis

well this is what I call an amazing building skills. These islands here are really floatin...
 Block count: 2731
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Giant Wildflower

Woah, this here is a big flower ... what can You even do with it?? Can You imagine how it ...
 Block count: 878
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Forest Nether Portal Design

A portal to Mars ... that would be interesting. But this one here will not take You to Mar...
 Block count: 941
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Small Kiosk

Oh this is so cute! Isn't it perfect for selling food or cute things on the streets or in ...
 Block count: 368
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Large Nether Portal Design

Woah, portal at its best really! It looks so fancy and very Lord of the Rings like, or is ...
 Block count: 857
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