High Voltage Transmission Tower 3

So the high voltage transmission towers are the best ones right? I mean what can You do wi...
 Block count: 1082
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High Voltage Transmission Tower 2

Is it just me or this here is a Totoro? I mean the shape of it and all, it is so adorable....
 Block count: 135
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High Voltage Transmission Tower 1

We can never get over transmission towers if we need or want electricity, right? This towe...
 Block count: 593
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Electricity Pylon

Now this electricity thing here is really important, right? I mean without Pylons there is...
 Block count: 355
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Delta Pylon Transmission Tower

How to transmit electricity? The anwser is right here ... Transmission towers! This exact ...
 Block count: 886
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Spurce Tree 2

Well this is the tree I love because in the winter it will make me feel so christmasy and ...
 Block count: 459
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Spurce Tree 1

The more different trees You've got there, the better. Why? Cuz why not! Minecraft is a pe...
 Block count: 342
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Palm Tree 2

Palm trees and warm breeze... Simply everything You need right now! But here in Minecraft ...
 Block count: 1375
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Palm Tree 1

Palm tree equals vacation, fun, sunny beach and fresh cocktails. Or what do You think? :P ...
 Block count: 353
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Old Dead Tree 2

I wonder what can be done from dead trees? Usually I just cut them down and use it to make...
 Block count: 233
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Old Dead Tree 1

Sad but true. This old tree used to be a great tree back in the days. But take this tree a...
 Block count: 229
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Oak Tree 2

Did You know there are about 600 spieces of oak in the world ... that makes me wonder what...
 Block count: 592
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Oak Tree 1

Looking for something that would look good in Your backyard? How about a nice little oak t...
 Block count: 395
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Jungle Tree 2

This here is a jungle tree, right? I wonder what is so cool about it ... is it the design ...
 Block count: 2411
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Jungle Tree 1

What if You made Yourself a jungle!? That would be just awesome! You can start by using th...
 Block count: 2992
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Desert Tree 2

Since I learned about desert in the school I have always wondered how do the trees live in...
 Block count: 95
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