Famous Firms


Clothing Store

Here's something for the real fashionistas- a legit designer shop for Your favourite brand...
 Block count: 964
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Logistics Building

No transportation company works without a logistics building and neither does Yours. This ...
 Block count: 9492
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Fire Station

Almost every little boy has wanted to become a fireman at some point in their life. Are Yo...
 Block count: 5710
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Firework Shop

Now this Firework shop is looking pretty original - it is small, but cute and it looks lik...
 Block count: 313
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Flower Shop

Now that is a shop that will melt every girl's heart! A flower shop! It has all kinds of f...
 Block count: 287
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Kebab Shop

I bet You love kebabs, and since we are in Minecraft we can build ourselves the kebab shop...
 Block count: 367
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Modern Shop

Ahh... finally - a modern shop in Minecraft that You can furnish exactly the way You want ...
 Block count: 1251
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Modern Hotel 2

This 8-floor modern hotel is very elegant from the outside, glass giving it a curvy and a ...
 Block count: 15230
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Best Buy

This Best Buy store has a fun look from the outside and a very detailed interior. The six ...
 Block count: 6662
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Dunkin Donuts

Uhhh... donuts. If You are like every other proper kid, You must love donuts! And as we al...
 Block count: 1209
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Car Wash

Sometimes we all find ourselves wondering "How could I make more money?" Did You know that...
 Block count: 650
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Need a bottle of milk? Go to Walmart! Need a new pair of jeans? Again, the answer is Walma...
 Block count: 8594
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Taco Bell Restaurant

Mmmm, I can already smell the tacos and nachos from Taco Bell! I wonder if they still make...
 Block count: 1401
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You like creating big buildings? That about huge malls? Yes? Well, then You've come to the...
 Block count: 7544
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KFC Sign

You have a KFC Restaurant and You're missing a proper sign? Here's where You get one! Chec...
 Block count: 142
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KFC Restaurant

Chicken nuggets- the best comfort food in the whoooole world! And where can You get those?...
 Block count: 4091
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