Famous Firms


Modern City Hotel

Now this hotel here is really modern. It is huge and the design is just amazing, don't You...
 Block count: 12675
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Nordic Bakery

We've seen medieval bakeries and modern bakeries in Minecraft but have You met a nordic on...
 Block count: 2236
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Hotel & Spa Complex

Wooop, finally something luxurious and classy. A whole hotel & spa complex is right here i...
 Block count: 26360
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Bakery (Graywatch)

Yummm! Bakeries make everyone's hearts beat faster, am I right!? Sure I am, haha. So here'...
 Block count: 1589
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Small Modern Restaurant

If You're planning to open Your first restaurant, here's my suggestion: don't rush to make...
 Block count: 714
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Nordic Tavern

This Nordic Tavern looks really unique, I love how big it is and it is totally empty, so Y...
 Block count: 1408
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Medieval Bakery 3

Who doesn't love food? I live to eat and eat to live ... perfect saying, am I right? I bel...
 Block count: 1633
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Asian Tavern

I seriously love Asian food, it is so different and so tasty, it feels like heaven when I ...
 Block count: 2172
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Medieval Shop 1

If only all shops would look like this, wouldn't it be amazing? I seriously love the color...
 Block count: 2562
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Dwarven Bakery

Do You know what mood am I in right now? Bagels and a hot cup of cacao ... doesn't it soun...
 Block count: 955
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Hotel Chapo

Hotel Chapo and Hotel Chapi are models that have to exist together. There's just no other ...
 Block count: 5760
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Hotel Chapi

Rigolo is an amazing minecrafter. Look what he has done! This model's one of two gorgeous ...
 Block count: 5171
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Medieval Trader

Have You ever thought if medieval woman liked shopping as much as they do nowadays? If I l...
 Block count: 2370
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Furniture Shop (Graywatch)

Sometimes You just need some inspiration for designing interiors or a place where to get s...
 Block count: 1483
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Medieval Restaurant 1

I don't know about You but I'm always hungry and I'm eating seaweed right now. So restaura...
 Block count: 8019
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Pet Shop Shaped Like A Dog Head

This is amazing! I wish all pet shops could look like this one here, can You imagine how e...
 Block count: 2955
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