Famous Firms


Viking Bakery

I love the smell of fresh baked goods. Especially in the morning when walking to school, t...
 Block count: 1602
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Countryside Hotel

I have never been to a hotel before, pretty sad right? But that doesn't mean I don't know ...
 Block count: 14199
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Tower Restaurant

Now this here is a really good idea - nice lunch with a great view. I bet this restaurant ...
 Block count: 1196
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Medieval Blacksmith / Workshop

Who could've ever imagined that You'll be able to have as fantastic medieval blacksmith in...
 Block count: 967
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Medieval Apothecary

Nowadays it's so easy to access apothecaries... You just enter a local mall and voila, the...
 Block count: 2385
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Medieval Restaurant

Don't You just love to eat? I sure do. I am in love with cool looking restaurants where it...
 Block count: 2420
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Medieval Brewery

Wow, just WOW guys! This medieval brewery slash restaurant looks stunning both from the in...
 Block count: 1131
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Small Medieval Tavern

Let me guess... You're planning to recreate an awesome medieval town that You saw on Youtu...
 Block count: 485
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Small Medieval Pub

Cool builds don't necessarily have to be overwhelming and huge, do they? I mean, this smal...
 Block count: 526
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Medieval Bar 1

Hah, this is supposed to be a regular medieval bar but surprisingly it has a whole floor f...
 Block count: 952
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Medieval Bakery 1

Mmmm, the smell of delicious cakes that have just come out of oven... Nothing could beat t...
 Block count: 1182
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Medieval Inn and Restaurant 1

Mmmm, it's late Friday evening, You're just heading back from an exhausting battle and all...
 Block count: 924
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Medieval Inn and Restaurant

You may've noticed that the medieval style isn't very demonstrative or extravagant so let'...
 Block count: 561
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Small Medieval Store

Every dreamt about owning a little store? Just a little company that will give a lot of jo...
 Block count: 349
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Medieval Gentlemen's Club

Oooh, mates, hide Your wives because this house is only meant for reaaaal gentlemen! It's ...
 Block count: 931
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Oil Change Station

Since people are using vehicles to travel faster and easier then we also need to take car...
 Block count: 1303
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