Famous Firms


Walmart 1

Too bad I'm living in Europe, because I'd love to go to the Walmart. I have seen so many f...
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Taco Bell Restaurant 1

Mmmm, yumm! I don't personally know any americans who hasn't been to Taco Bell. Do You? An...
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Petrol Station

When I am travelling then the petrol stations are my favorite stops on the road, because I...
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Subway Restaurant 1

This is a Subway Restaurant everybody. Pretty small and cute one but very realistic. I ...
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Medieval Bar

In the Middle Ages, people didn't had the chance to choose between hundreds of bars in the...
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Starbucks 1

I'm always thinking to myself why do everybody love this coffee shop soooo much!? When tim...
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Gas Station 1

Looong and boring highways require a practical gas station where minecrafters could get so...
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Mmmm, the smell of fresh cinnamon bread and cupcakes... Yumm! Good that You can now make Y...
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Tiki Bar

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Public Restroom

Now this is something very important, am I right? I mean restroom is really popular place ...
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McDonald's Restaurant 1

Do You love McDonalds food? My favorite is the ice cream ... I know, not the place to go f...
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Beauty Salon

Now this is what I call a beauty salon, just look how detailed it is. It even has some bea...
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Medieval Pub

Have You ever been to a pub before? It is a good place to go hang out with Your friends, t...
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Medieval Shop

I do not like shopping, but I sure do like visiting cute little shops where they have ever...
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Medieval Bakery

I can already smell fresh baked pastries coming from this bakery - I'm hungry now! Look ho...
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Blacksmith Shop

Now You can work peacefully on Your forging projects without worrying about bothering the ...
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