Asian Monkey

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Author: orpheus
Block count: 179
Views: 4500

Are You an animal lover? Well if You are and even if You are not then this monkey here is so cute, right? I mean it would be nice to have this statue somewhere in Your village, don't You think so? Or maybe in the forest or the zoo? Well it can go anywhere but the most important is how it looks like and it is so adorable. The monkey even has little eyes and a long tail to keep balance with. So what do You think? If You like it then just build it :))
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Blocks you'll need:

Stone Bricks 77
Cobblestone Stairs 32
Spruce Wood Plank 29
Spruce Wood Stairs 23
Chiseled Stone Bricks 8
Stone Button 2
Birch Wood Stairs 1
Skill level 1
Object added 09 Nov 2017
Width 9
Height 8
Depth 13
Tags monkey, asian, statue, wild animal, decoration
Block Count 179
Object materials
Stone Bricks 77
Spruce Wood Plank 29
Cobblestone Stairs (North, Normal) 10
Cobblestone Stairs (South, Normal) 10
Chiseled Stone Bricks 8
Spruce Wood Stairs (East, Upside-down) 8
Cobblestone Stairs (East, Normal) 6
Cobblestone Stairs (West, Normal) 6
Spruce Wood Stairs (West, Normal) 6
Spruce Wood Stairs (West, Upside-down) 5
Spruce Wood Stairs (East, Normal) 4
Spruce Wood Slab (Bottom) 3
Spruce Wood Slab (Upper) 3
Birch Wood Stairs (East, Upside-down) 1
Stone Button (Facing North, Inactive) 1
Stone Button (Facing South, Inactive) 1
(Birch Wood, Upper) 1
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