Stone Houses


Medieval Low Class Stone House

When I'm looking at this house I'm not afraid of being poor, because this is a low class h...
 Block count: 371
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Medieval Apothecary 1

This house looks very easy, don't You think so? If it was my house I'd probably add a cool...
 Block count: 359
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Small Winter House

A little wintry gingerbread house for someone? Yes? It looks waaay too adorable to miss ou...
 Block count: 1443
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England House

Are England houses really like this? So colorful and detailed with many small windows that...
 Block count: 1920
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Big Stone House

So if You have some free time on Your hands and You'd like to build something cool then ch...
 Block count: 2364
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Big Country House

This house here looks fancy, I got to tell You that I'll give it ten points out of ten. Be...
 Block count: 2493
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Cobblestone House

I never thought Cobblestone house could look this good. I mean this house here is really c...
 Block count: 1261
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Modern Sandstone House

Beautiful, but definitely not an ordinary sandstone house to live in. Just make sure You h...
 Block count: 1522
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Small Sandstone House 2

A small but modern, not colourful but bright, not very detailed but effective. It will sta...
 Block count: 2900
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Sandstone House 3

Sandstone? Sandstone! Yes, we can build a beautiful building by using this block. This act...
 Block count: 1984
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White Mansion 2

If You want to feel Yourself like the Minecraft version of Hugh Hefner with pool parties a...
 Block count: 28840
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Sandstone House 2

This L-shape house is built mainly from sand and wood, so if you have access to very large...
 Block count: 3106
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Small Sandstone House

If You want something conservative and not very noticeable then this house is Yours. It is...
 Block count: 3707
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Mount Falcon Manor House

If You want to build an emergency shelter that nobody else has, You should consider constr...
 Block count: 27954
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