Stone Houses


Roman City House 2

If You like Roman city houses then You're going to love this one here. The bright colors a...
 Block count: 674
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Roman Apartment 2

Wanna see something out of the box? This Roman style apartment is something really fascina...
 Block count: 2132
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Roman Sloped City House

If You are looking for a unique Roman city house then how about this sloped one here? It l...
 Block count: 739
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Roman City House 1

This Roman city house here is so adorable, just look at these light colors and the red bri...
 Block count: 1061
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Roman Apartment 1

I love houses, especially unique big ones with a balcony where I can just sit and read a b...
 Block count: 1009
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Small Roman City House

Aren't Roman houses just adorable? I mean just look how unique they look. I love the littl...
 Block count: 460
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Seashore Stone House 1

What could You have against a little stone house on the shore? This seashore stone house i...
 Block count: 1733
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Sandstone Mansion

Miami? Hollywood? Hawaii? I guess this house could easily be in all of those places. But f...
 Block count: 5013
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The Embassy of Moldova

These people who are working in the embassy of Moldova are one lucky guys because this hou...
 Block count: 6908
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College Steevy Boulay

Can You imagine going to this College here? It looks amazing and to be honest I'd love sch...
 Block count: 12808
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Medieval Stone House

"Sticks and stones my break my bones..." Well, not this time, let me tell You that. This s...
 Block count: 3210
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Medieval Blacksmith 2

Have You ever thought about being a blacksmith? I have not, but I have always admired how ...
 Block count: 266
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Medieval Low Class Stone House 1

Your low class area needs a little supplement? Try a little stone house for a change. Ston...
 Block count: 369
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Stone Tower House

Ooh, I guess haven't built a stone house lately, right? Here's a really nice piece for You...
 Block count: 248
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Small Stone House with Backyard 1

If You like easy and small houses but still want to have a pretty garden then check out th...
 Block count: 303
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Medieval Small Reading Club

I love reading, okay? I really do, but well I don't like going out of the house, so I'm ju...
 Block count: 362
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