Stone Houses


Arabic Desert Inn

If You are a traveller then inn should be the number one place in Your to go list, because...
 Block count: 1034
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Arabic Desert Blacksmith

Did You ever think that people there could be a blacksmith in the middle of hot desert as ...
 Block count: 1134
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Arabic Desert Barracks

Is it just me or do Arabic desert style barracks really look 10 times better than medieval...
 Block count: 1705
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Village Armory and Blacksmith

Armory and blacksmith in the same house, it is pretty cool idea actually. It saves room an...
 Block count: 1052
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Unfurnished Sandstone Mansion

Sandstone mansion is no regular villa You may see in Hollywood. This thing is so freaking ...
 Block count: 1128
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Desert Village House 4

Which one is better- smaller or bigger desert house? Well... what if You wanted to throw a...
 Block count: 949
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Desert Village House 3

If You're looking for cool little builds to upgrade Your desert collection or You just nee...
 Block count: 287
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Desert Village House 2

Do You know I almost started working as a real estate agent? So this house here, if You ar...
 Block count: 435
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Desert Village House 1

No glass windows this time. Cuz You don't really need them when living in desert. This hou...
 Block count: 298
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Desert Blacksmith

There is even a blacksmith for a desert? Pretty awesome. I love the light sand color and i...
 Block count: 765
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Medieval Stone Blacksmith

Well, here is something for the people whose favourite color is grey and don't love very c...
 Block count: 662
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World of Warcraft Dwarf Tower

You need a place for peace and quiet or want to enjoy the view from a bit higher place? Th...
 Block count: 923
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World of Warcraft Dwarf Tavern

This Tavern here looks unique - it is totally grey and shaped like a square. But those tin...
 Block count: 1086
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World of Warcraft Dwarf House

If You are looking for a simple yet unique house then how about this Dwarf house here? Loo...
 Block count: 1214
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World of Warcraft Dwarf Small House

Let me introduce You to a World of Warcraft Dwarf small house ... that is a long name. Any...
 Block count: 888
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Roman Villa

Roman Villa vs Modern Villa. Which one would You choose? Based on this model, I would go w...
 Block count: 4153
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