F-35C Lightning 2

Lightning, if I say that it is a name of an aircraft then what do You think? That it is as...
 Block count: 141
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So we have a combat jet here, huh? As far as I know it is made both for attack and fighter...
 Block count: 167
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F-15 Eagle

15 Eagle here. Asking permission for landing on Your territory. Don't You just love plane ...
 Block count: 164
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F-16 Falcon

A multirole fighter aircraft with single engine ... if that is what You want then F-16 Fal...
 Block count: 62
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Harrier Jump Jet

You have to see how this airplane here takes off, seriously, it is so impressive. Well Har...
 Block count: 70
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Single-engine multirole fighter aircraft, huh? Well it looks good ... the size, gray color...
 Block count: 245
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Well then, this Eurofighter here is pretty amazing if You ask me. It doesn't look exactly ...
 Block count: 420
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B-2 Spirit

Oh boy, what's that thing about? This modern war plane B-2 Spirit is looking super powerfu...
 Block count: 1605
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V-22 Osprey

I mean... Since when did planes become so cool!? Minecrafting just got waaay cooler with t...
 Block count: 623
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You can never have enough of cool war planes. Never. Here's one really cool piece that jus...
 Block count: 439
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C-130 Hercules

Oh maaan, those plains by CPOMendez are literally GOALS! Well, at least goals that can be ...
 Block count: 6014
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A-10 Warthog

Woah, now that plane here is amazing! It is so big and detailed and do You see those wings...
 Block count: 755
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US Military Fighter Jet

That fighter jet once flew over my head ... I was so scared it was crazy! Do You know how ...
 Block count: 373
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Passenger Seaplane

Oh gosh, I'm already in love with this one. These colors are to die for! That's just insan...
 Block count: 496
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Fighter Jet with Cannons 3

Collecting fighter jets? If not yet then You should! Cuz there're so many amazing models o...
 Block count: 210
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Fighter Jet with Cannons 2

Ooh, it looks super fast and furious, doesn't it!? The size of the jet can be underrated b...
 Block count: 284
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