F-35 Lightning II

Lightning ... such a great name for a plane. I am pretty sure if the plane has a name like...
 Block count: 139
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F-100 Super Sabre

Imagine being in the United States Air Force and seeing jets like this here in everyday ba...
 Block count: 131
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De Havilland DHA-G2

Just imagine being in the second world war and seeing this machine just gliding by. It wou...
 Block count: 175
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Beechcraft B-58 Baron

Oooh, now I know why it is called the Beechcraft. Such a good name for a plane like this,...
 Block count: 138
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Wright Co Model EX Vin Fiz

Now this is an old plane, a plane that was really dangerous to use but still, it flew from...
 Block count: 217
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Pitcairn PA-39 Autogiro

This awfully looks like a helicopter, but it is not. It is a Autogiro and what is an Autog...
 Block count: 57
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Northrop YB-49

What a sad story there is with Northrop YB-49 ... this here is only a prototype which mean...
 Block count: 844
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Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

Oh how I love Supersonic aircrafts and especially when they look as good as the Lockheed F...
 Block count: 98
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Imam Ro.57

A single-seat monoplane fighter from Italy, dounds pretty good, huh? If it doesn't then it...
 Block count: 159
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Grumman X-29

This is pretty interesting. The plane looks really unique and different from other planes ...
 Block count: 92
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Virgin Galactic

Who wouldn't one to be a space tourist, right? Well except if someone is really scared of ...
 Block count: 424
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Are You ready for something amazing? Are You sure? Well here is the NASA AD-1! Can You bel...
 Block count: 142
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MiG 21

Russian planes are always pretty good ones ... at least it looks like it. And the MiG 21 i...
 Block count: 114
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Focke-Wulf Ta 154

Now this here is a night fighter which was used in the second world war. The Focke-Wulf Ta...
 Block count: 182
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B-24 Liberator

Woah, now this plane is so well built I think I just cried a little bit. Just look at that...
 Block count: 845
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Sopwith Camel

What an interesting name for a plane, don't You think so? Well the plane itself is really ...
 Block count: 95
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