Fighter Jet with Working Cannons 3

This dark fighter jet looks so evil and bad. It makes me wanna run far far away and hide f...
 Block count: 263
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Stealth Bomber with TNT Bombs

How about building Yourself a strategic bomber, huh? To be honest it looks so real and it ...
 Block count: 4334
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Fighter Jet with Working TNT Cannons 2

This is interesting, working TNT cannons ... if that is true then this jet here is amazing...
 Block count: 1091
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Fighter Jet with Working TNT Cannons 1

Oh man, that looks exactly like those fighter jets we might see in the sky sometimes! And ...
 Block count: 889
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Fighter Jet with Working Cannons 2

If You are going into an air-to-air combat then You need a fighter Jet, if You don't have ...
 Block count: 356
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Fighter Jet with Working Cannons 1

That's just amazing how many awesome vehicles they have in military base. And all these a...
 Block count: 294
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Fighter Jet with Cannons 1

Whoo, hold on! That fighter jet looks waaaay bigger than I was expecting! That's just mass...
 Block count: 328
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Aerial Gunship with a Working TNT Cannon

If You need a serious aerial gunship then You are totally in the right place! Just look at...
 Block count: 1742
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Modern Fighter With Forward-Swept Wings

Is this model really as cool as the sound of it's name? It sure is! The most exciting deta...
 Block count: 304
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Modern Fighter Plane

Stop what ever You're doing and watch this! A modern fighter plane in it's whole glory is ...
 Block count: 366
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Small Bi-Plane

Want to see the world from up above? Then hop on and let's go! Above the clouds it feels l...
 Block count: 77
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Zombie Apocalypse Fighter Jet

Wanna battle like a real zombie? Make sure You have THIS awesome fighter jet that would be...
 Block count: 361
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Zombie Apocalypse Bomber

It's ON! The biggest war in Zombie Apocalypse history is about to be started and You shoul...
 Block count: 117
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Zombie Apocalypse Falling Plane

Watch out! The plane is falling right towards You! That's what happens when zombies get ma...
 Block count: 134
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White Passenger Plane

Why do so many children want to become a pilot? Well beside the fact that pilots can fly w...
 Block count: 839
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I think floatplane is the most brilliant idea out there. Seriously, You can go fly with a ...
 Block count: 147
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