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Do You Like Minecraft models? Do You Like blueprints of buildings? Do You Like new Minecra...
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Super Meat Boy

This guy here looks seriously happy, am i right? But isn't he supposed to be sad, beacuse ...
 Block count: 384
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Panda Emoji

Look how lovely he is! Pandas are one of the cutest animals on Planet Earth and not having...
 Block count: 490
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Laughing Crying Emoji

Oh, so many mixed feelings! Is this emoji crying or is it laughing? Or... both? Yeap, this...
 Block count: 739
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Sunglasses Emoji

I present You the Sunglasses Emoji! It's hanging out everywhere- in MSN messenger, Faceboo...
 Block count: 725
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Ghost Emoji

Boooo! It's a ghost! Don't You think it looks scary and a bit funny at the same time? Well...
 Block count: 710
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Me Gusta Face

Me Gusta! Isn't this one of the most popular memes now? Can You imagine this statue in Yo...
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Look at this cute blue Squirtle and how it is waving at You happily with a big smile on it...
 Block count: 751
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Adidas Logo

Adidas Logo Statue would look just great in Your logo statue collection, don't You think? ...
 Block count: 1147
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Pepsi Logo

Imagine cold Pepsi with ice on a hot summer day... What could be better? If You love Peps...
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Facebook Logo

Are You a fan of logos? Do You love spending time in Facebook? If the answer is yes for th...
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Youtube Logo

Ever dreamt of having Your own little Youtube, where You can collect all Your favourite Yo...
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Look how detailed this happy Totodile is with his cute little tail and white teeth... He l...
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I am having trouble deciding which one is the cutest character from Pokémon, because this...
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Super Mario

Super Mario is finally here! This video game character is so popular that he's probably kn...
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Luigi. . . Mario's younger brother. I remember when I played Super Mario - the sweet child...
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