Santa Claus

Ho Ho Ho!!! It is soon Christmas season...have You all been good this year? I really hope ...
 Block count: 270
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Super Mario 2

I bet You have played Super Mario, am I right? If You haven't, then please find some optio...
 Block count: 334
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Christmas Tree

Since it is Christmas soon and of course You'd like to decorate even Your Minecraft house,...
 Block count: 124
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Gunter the Penguin

This cute penguin is famous for his big black eyes! His white flat belly makes me think th...
 Block count: 694
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Minion Pixel Art

Well this Minion here is totally cute, just look at his cute little smile and that only bi...
 Block count: 507
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XBOX Controller

What do we have here? It is a huge statue of grey XBOX controller. This statue is a prett...
 Block count: 1885
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Cartman (South Park)

Don't You think that Cartman has the coolest outfit of all the other South Park characters...
 Block count: 369
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Kenny (South Park)

Hey, You! Do You already have the Kenny Statue in Your South Park collection? No? Well, it...
 Block count: 265
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Butters (South Park)

Oh You, Butters... South Park must be proud to have a member like him! I personally don't ...
 Block count: 292
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Gold Leggings

When You look at those golden leggings, don't they remind You some famous popstar's pants?...
 Block count: 112
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Gold Chestplate

Soooo cool You can have eeeveryhing golden in Minecraft! Leggings, helmet and even a chest...
 Block count: 132
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Gold Helmet

Let me guess... You like all the shiny things that are made of pricey material, huh? No ne...
 Block count: 90
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Gold Boots

Oh, who hasn't dreamed about having boots made of gold... Luckily now You can afford Yours...
 Block count: 86
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Blue Angry Bird

This is the awesome Blue angry bird and he looks cool with his creepy eyes, big bushy eyeb...
 Block count: 231
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Yellow Angry Bird

Now this Yellow Angry Bird is looking fabulous. Chuck is his name and he enjoys doing ever...
 Block count: 329
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Red Angry Bird

Now this here is Red - the one and only leader of Angry Birds. This statue has that certai...
 Block count: 374
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